China Steals Know-How From Hollywood Then Closes Door to American Films

Are you sick of movies including obvious Chinese tie-ins? From characters to filming in China it is sickening how many movies made in Hollywood have obvious Chinese connections intended to make sales in China.

Fortunately for us (and bad for the dim-witted Hollywood liberal elite) that may all be coming to an end.

Variety has published an extensive review of how China how stolen the know-how from Hollywood about how to make great movies, and is now shutting the door on American films.

The communists got what they wanted. And that isn't for American companies to sell their products to Chinese consumers.

The former president of DMG Entertainment is quoted as saying China "wanted to create imitators and an industry that can compete with us on a world-class level. Now that they’ve done that, they have no motivation to allow any of our movies in."

Guess what ...

Only 5 percent of Chinese film releases are now from America.

Idiot liberal Hollywood film bosses thought if they had Chinese partners, shared their filmmaking secrets with China, used Chinese actors and filmed in China, that China and its 1.5 billion people would be forking over the cash to pad their executive bonuses.


China took what they wanted (beyond what they obtained from hacking) and are now closing the door on American businesses.

Congrats Hollywood.

No Chinese market for you.

The only reason China ever opened its film market to begin with was to steal from gullible American companies. As the Variety article states:

"When China barged into Hollywood between 2014 and 2017 or so, they were making deals that allowed them to grow the expertise necessary to build their own industry. 'Without question, every investment that they made was tied to getting this sort of information. Every single one'"

Independent American films went from 15 percent of the Chinese market to about 1 percent.

Big Hollywood brands (Disney) are now below 5 percent of the Chinese market and dropping fast.

The good news is American films can now go back to casting Chinese characters as bad guys.

Movies don't need to have a scene filmed in China.

Movies won't need the token Chinese actress.

It's a win all-around for conservatives.

- Better movies (hopefully, but this is liberal politically correct Hollywood we're talking about).

- Less pandering to China.

Next up is Chinese basketball getting its legs so China can shut its doors to the NBA and LeBron James.





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