Will Donald Trump Be Reinstated as President?

The Historic 2000 Bush v Gore Election

Do you remember the 2000 election when the Democrats tried to steal the election from George W. Bush and give it to Al Gore by repeatedly "recounting votes" and later "auditing" the Florida vote?

A quick recap ...

2000 was the closest election in United States history. It came down to Florida. Whoever won Florida's electoral votes would be president.

The count, after Democratic recounts were finally halted by the Supreme Court, had Bush ahead by a tiny 537 votes.  Wow. Just 537 votes out of almost 6 million votes cast in Florida that year.

(Some trivia overlooked in history is that New Mexico was won by Gore by even less votes - just 366. But the vote in New Mexico was moot because Florida had so many more electoral votes and decided the winner no matter which way New Mexico voted.)

Democrat members of Congress objected to the Electoral College count and objected to Bush being president.

Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties were the center of the vote counting storm in Florida as they wanted to submit late "recounted" votes which could have swung the election to Democrat Gore.

After Bush's election was certified and he was sworn in as president, liberal newspapers then did their own "audit" of disputed ballots in the contested counties.

They got egg on their face when their audit showed Bush winning by even more votes.

Unable to accept that Bush won, the liberal newspapers then did another "audit", this time of ballots they selected across all of Florida and not just the disputed counties. Note, this was not an "audit" of all 6 million ballots. It was only about 175,000 ballots they selected.

The Democrats then announced that after their selected partial re-audit across all of Florida, after their initial audit, and after the statewide recounts, that Gore "won" Florida by at least 61 votes.

It was a joke. A sham. And of course Al Gore did not become President.

Those same media outlets who tried to make the case Al Gore won the 2000 election with an "audit" are now the ones trying to discredit an audit of ballots in the Trump - Biden election.

The 2020 Trump v Biden Election

Donald Trump has said he expects to be reinstated as President, apparently by the Supreme Court.

Attorney (perhaps soon to be a former attorney) Sidney Powell said Trump will simply be reinstated as president without describing how that happens.

Mike Lindell has boldly proclaimed Trump will be reinstated as president.

They claim the election was stolen. It was fraudulent. It was a Democratic coup.

The problem, though, is the Constitution lacks any mechanism for "reinstating" a president after the electoral vote has been certified. Once someone is sworn in as president they remain president until either (1) the next election, (2) they die, (3) are impeached and convicted, or (4) removed for incapacity per the 25th Amendment.

That's it.

There are no other legal options.

None of these options result in the losing candidate becoming president.

If there was ever an election were someone could claim they really won after there was sufficient time for an audit it was Al Gore.

In the 2020 election President Trump received 232 electoral votes. 270 is needed to win. He would need to somehow reverse 38 electoral votes to even make a claim that he won the election and should be reinstated.

Where does Trump get 38 electoral votes?

Arizona - 11

Pennsylvania - 20

Georgia - 16

Wisconsin - 10

Each of these states went for Biden by less than 1.2 percent. 

Nevada was also close numbers wise (34,000 votes) but with a smaller population it was not as close percentage wise.

Obviously, the key is Pennsylvania.  Without "flipping" Pennsylvania Trump has no argument no matter what happens with an audited vote in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin.

Pennsylvania is, unfortunately for Trump, the non-closest of the close states with a 1.2 percent difference in votes between Trump and Biden.

Did Trump win the election?

For an argument about reinstatement Trump has to show he won Pennsylvania and two of the three states of Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin.

That's just to make an argument there was fraud and a coup.

Although there is no legal mechanism to reinstate a president, proof a presidential election was stolen would be an unprecedented event in American history.

Despite a lot of claims proof will be shown, so far it simply hasn't and dozens of lawsuits claiming voter and ballot fraud have been rejected by judges of all political backgrounds.

Bottom-line: the idea of President Trump being reinstated may be fun to think about, great to trigger the libs with, and awesome to forever tarnish Biden's legacy and prevent the libs from claiming a mandate for their socialist policies - don't bet the house on Trump being reinstated.




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