Ron DeSantis Don't Fauci My Florida

Don't Fauci My Florida is the fun and hot phrase from the Ron DeSantis campaign. It may not be original, but because DeSantis is promoting it that has given it a big shot of publicity.

We have shirts, hats, magnets, buttons, mugs, masks (lol) and bumper stickers.

The irony and statement is really rich with the face mask. What fun.

CDC Coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci has been all over the place when it comes to the pandemic.

Dr. Fauci originally said people should not wear masks and they are useless.

Apparently, since the virus passes through masks the only persons who needed them were those who were sick with the virus so they wouldn't infect others. But that doesn't make sense if the virus passes through the mask. The mask wouldn't protect you from getting infected and not prevent you from infecting others.

But then Dr. Fauci said not only to wear a mask, but to wear two masks!

If it is "common sense" to wear two masks, why not three masks? Or ten masks?  Maybe medieval iron helmets?

But at least vaccines arrived so Dr. Fauci could let everyone know that if they had been vaccinated they no longer need to wear a mask - whether they are outdoors or indoors.

OK, so get your jab and you're good to go. No mask needed.

And then flip-flop Fauci flip-flopped again.

Good gosh man, make up your mind!

Fauci has been on all sides of this issue, so not matter what he can claim to always be right. But at the same time he has always been wrong.

No wonder Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has had it with this idiot.

When Fauci and the CDC tried to impose a mandatory mask requirement on Florida cruise ships DeSantis sue and won.

Which brings us Don't Fauci My Florida.

Thank goodness DeSantis is governor and not Fauci embarrassingly flip-flopping all over the beach.

Show your support for governor DeSantis.

Show your disgust with Fauci and the CDC for not knowing what the heck they are doing.




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