Ron DeSantis Teacher Bonus $1000 Pandemic and $3000 Credentialing

$1000 Teacher Bonuses

More money could be pouring into the pockets of Florida teachers thanks to governor Ron DeSantis.

$1000 bonuses are to be paid to full-time teachers in August 2021. The money comes from federal Coronavirus relief funds.

Principals would also be eligible to receive the $1000 bonus for educators.

Florida has 180,000 full time public teachers and 36,000 principals.

The bonuses would be taxable since the American Rescue Plan Act signed by President Biden does not specifically exclude payments like teacher bonuses from taxable income - unlike specific provisions in Coronavirus relief bills excluding some unemployment payments from taxes.

Naturally, the Biden administration has opposed the Republican plan, even though it benefits teachers by claiming pandemic money cannot be used to pay teacher bonuses.

Florida is going to pay the bonuses anyway, daring the federal government to try and prevent it from giving teachers their money.


$3000 Civics Credentialing Bonuses

Governor Ron DeSantis has also proposed that Florida create a comprehensive program to increase civic literacy in public schools.

Part of the program would be create a Civic Seal of Excellence. This would be a training program and teachers completing the training would receive a credential and a $3000 bonus.

The cost of the credentialing program and bonuses would be $65 million. The overall program would cost $106 million.  A portion of the cost would be paid by the federal government, but it has not been stated how much this would be.

Other parts of the program would include other training and classroom support, creating best practices to improve the curriculum in the schools, and creating public service incubators to draw more qualified people into public teaching.

Details of the initial proposal do not specify exactly what the training would involve or how it would impact what students are taught.

Governor DeSantis has said critical race theory will not be taught.




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