What is Ron DeSantis Ethnicity?

Ron DeSantis is White aka Caucasian.

He was born in Florida to Ron and Karen DeSantis in 1978.

The family ethnic heritage is at least partly Italian if not entirely Italian.

On his mother's side of the family tree, the Tampa Bay Times reports the husband of Ron's great-great grandmother had immigrated to the US from Italy in 1904, leaving his wife in Italy.

His great-great grandmother then immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1917 during World War I.

She was pregnant and with her two teenage daughters was one of the few to successfully cross the Atlantic without being torpedoed by German U-Boats.

Why did the Times not refer to his great-great grandfather? They said there is no record of him returning to Italy, and there was not much civilian travel across the pond during the Great War, so implicitly some other man got Ron's great-great grandmother pregnant.

The Times did not report on Ron's father's side of the family tree and their ethnic background. Probably because there was no juicy illegal immigration story to report.

The DeSantis surname, according to House of Names, is Italian. The name is derived from the Latin word sanctus which means devout or holy.



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