Privacy Policy


We do not sell your private information to others. We do not track you across the Internet. We just want to make you happy!

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

If you buy products we need to obtain information for payment, product creation and delivery. Our payment processor and has its own privacy rules. If you create an account on our website then you are providing information to help us identify you, communicate with you, and fulfill your orders. If you send us a message we receive whatever you send us, and will act accordingly based on the message.

Payment information is received and used by our payment processor.

Our products are made to order and we use third party services to manage the fulfillment process and for product creation. Information is necessarily provided to them so your products can be made and shipped to you.

Shipping services necessarily receive information so that your order can be delivered to you.

Websites, including this one, can collect information about your visit, including your IP address, where you came from, and web browser. This personal data is not sold to others.

If you are engaging in any illegal or improper conduct, trying to hack our website, access pages and files you should not be accessing, abusing us or our contractors, etc., then there is no limit to what we may do with your information and it should not be considered private. We may block your access and/or terminate an account for misconduct.

We do not follow “do not track” web browser requests because we are not tracking you across other, unrelated websites. We are based in the United States, although the website may be hosted in any country. We do not follow the GDRP and do not provide for the unilateral removal of personal information.

Cookies and third party services

We may use cookies to deliver website content, remember you, and provide our services. We may use third party services to protect our site and provide services, which may provide information about you. For example, if you are a spamming bot (and not reading this policy anyway) we may subscribe to a service which blocks your spam.

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