Beijing Biden Magnet Bumper Sticker Waterproof Fade Resistant Ink

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Is Beijing Joe Biden in China's hip pocket or what? How much did Hunter Biden get?

Biden has spent decades in Washington swimming the swamp. He has accomplished almost nothing. Whether as a representative in Congress, Vice President, President, or whatever, it is time to call out the far-left and socialist policies that may destroy our great country.

Show where you stand.

Premium magnet from professional art studio.


Fade resistant ink to try and delay the sun's impact if used outdoors.

Magnetic Bumper Sticker. A premium bumper sticker has been given an extra magnetic backing. Instead of peeling off a paper back to stick to an object this is a ready to go magnet. Put it anywhere you can put a magnet such as your refrigerator or metal car surface.

OMG - Ignore the disgruntled idiot. We print on quality vinyl (not paper). Nothing is "taped" to a magnet. We then wrap the magnet in laminate and heat seal it so it is weatherproof and cannot delaminate.

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