China Sucks Magnet - 2.25 inches - indoor use refrigerator magnet

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China Sucks Magnet!

Some people say they Love China. Pfft. Idiot losers with fake China pride. Smart people hate China. This anti-China design is for you. Say it like you mean it - China Sucks.

This funny China design will turn some heads for sure. Probably get some stares. Maybe trigger a few who deserve to be triggered. LOL. What fun!  

The perfect China gift for salty people who like to be sarcastic and contrarian. A souvenir for fun people who like to think for themselves. And for those who just do not like China.

Magnet is made from one of our metal pinback buttons with a mylar front which has been converted by replacing the safety pin on the back with a metal flat back and magnet. Fun.

2.25 inches diameter. Indoor use.

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