Fuck China Bumper Sticker Featuring the American Flag

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Fuck China Sticker!

Some people say they Love China. Pfft. Idiot losers with fake China pride. Smart people hate China. This anti-China design is for you. Say it like you mean it - Fuck China because China Sucks.

This funny China design will turn some heads for sure. Probably get some stares. Maybe trigger a few who deserve to be triggered. LOL. What fun!  

The perfect China gift for salty people who like to be sarcastic and contrarian. A souvenir for fun people who like to think for themselves. And for those who just do not like China.

Show where you stand. China Sucks!

Made in USA. Premium sticker decal from professional art studio. Waterproof. Fade resistant ink to try and delay the sun's impact if used outdoors.

2.5 x  9 inches

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