Kelly Tshibaka Bumper Sticker - Waterproof - Vote for Senate Kelly Tshibaka

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Kelly Tshibaka bumper sticker.

Show your support for Kelly Tshibaka for Senator with this patriotic bumper sticker. Elect Kelly Tshibaka to the United States Senate so a real conservative Republican represents Alaska in the upper chamber of Congress. Replace rino Lisa Murkowski. Don't let this important Senate seat turn socialist blue. Every vote counts. Vote Kelly Tshibaka. Show where you stand and others should too!

Show where you stand!.

Premium vinyl bumper sticker from professional art studio.

Waterproof decal for indoor or outdoor use.

2.5 x 9 inches.

Perfect to personalize your laptop, car, notebook, wall, computer, truck, window, locker, tablet, toolbox and just about anywhere with a clean smooth surface.

Made and printed in USA.

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