Naturally Immune Bumper Sticker

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Naturally Immune Bumper Sticker

The liberal media doesn't understand. The issue is not about getting a vaccine - especially if you have health risks. Or wearing a mask. Everyone wants to protect their family.

But America has always been about personal responsibility and freedom. That's what we fight for. The Greatest Generation fought hard against socialists who were tracking people and demanding citizens show their papers. Communist China tracks everything today

America is better.  Vax passports are a slippery slope. Open the door and Big Brother will always have endless excuses to control something else. It is just like regulations and taxes once in place the government always wants more and more.

You are your own person. Show where you stand on this important issue with this powerful message!

Waterproof laminate and fade resistant ink to try and delay the sun's impact if used outdoors.

2.5 x 9 inch premium sticker decal from professional art studio.


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