President Trump Space Force Postcard - Set of Two

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President Trump Space Force Postcard!

Fun to mail or collect. You get two postcards so you can collect one or frame it as art and have another to mail to your favorite lib or to share with a friend.

Preprinted post office details on the back await your stamp.

Someday in the future Americans will appreciate the foresight President Donald Trump had in creating the Space Force.  It will be important, perhaps in a way we cannot imagine today. This postcard shows the unveiling of the Space Force Flag in the White House.

Donald Trump has had incredible vision in his life to become so popular, wealthy, and ultimately President against the will of the Republican Establishment and then the Clinton Machine. The United States Space Force will one day be looked at one of the most important and long-lasting achievements of President Trump.

Vibrant colors on a premium glossy postcard.

4 x 6 inches. Preprinted backside ready for post office mailing with a stamp.

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