Recall Gavin Newsom Bumper Sticker Waterproof Fade Resistant Ink

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Gavin Newsom is living the high life on your back. While he shuts down mom and pop local restaurants he is dining at the French Laundry where dinner plates are $310 per person!

Homelessness is exploding. Crime is up. There isn't enough affordable housing. While you're locked up in your home Newsom's letting criminals go free. Ever try to get through to EDD or any other state agency? While businesses are shut and regular people are out of work, Gavin's FTB is busy threatening them to pay taxes instead of putting food on the table.

California is out of control. Enough is enough. Show where you stand. We need a governor who cares about the people. Not another aristocrat laughing at the little folk while fine dining at the French Laundry.

Premium sticker decal from professional art studio.


Fade resistant ink to try and delay the sun's impact if used outdoors.

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