Sarah Palin Alaska Congress Bumper Sticker

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Sarah Palin Sticker!

Vote Sarah Palin to represent Alaska in the United States Congress Sticker! Vote and elect a real and true conservative like Sarah Paliln to represent Alaska. We don't need another RINO. Keep Alaska great. Make America Great Again!

Sarah Palin has a storied background and is ultra qualified. She has served as the mayor of Wasilla. Most everyone knows she was the governor of Alaska, and of course Palin was first woman Republican vice presidential candidate. Now is the time for her conservative voice to be heard in the halls of Congress. Probably make libs like Pelosi cry.

Show where you stand and where others should stand too! Vote Sarah Palin.

Made in USA. Premium sticker decal from professional art studio. Waterproof. Fade resistant ink to try and delay the sun's impact if used outdoors.

2.5 x  9 inches

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