YouTube Sucks Bumper Sticker

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YouTube Sucks Sticker!

Boycott YouTube. Tired of Big Tech controlling your life? Telling you what you can say? Banning or canceling due to whatever point of view or thought is out of fashion that day? Show your disgust.

America is supposed to be the country of free speech, but First Amendment Rights don't matter much in the modern world when the tech companies won't let you express yourself. YouTube and it's owner Google are among the worst and Google is one of the most sanctioned companies in the world.

Show where you stand. YouTube Sucks!

Made in USA. Premium sticker decal from professional art studio. Vinyl. Waterproof. UV Fade Resistant ink to try and delay the sun's impact if used outdoors.

Put stickers on your car, truck, computer, laptop, lunchbox, tool box or any smooth surface.

Before placing the sticker on an object, clean the surface with a wet cloth and allow it to dry. Waterproof only on top of the sticker. Do not allow water to get under the sticker.

About 2.5 by 9 inches.

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